Choreography & Stage Direction: Giorgio Madia

Sets & Costumes: Cordelia Matthes



10 November 2011

Staatstheater Cottbus


CAST Christian Schreier (Harlekin), Ville Valkonen (Pantalone, ein reicher Venezianer), enise Ruddock (Pantalones Tochter), István Farkas (Florindo, Isabellas Verlobter), Weinina Weilijiang (Pantalones Nachbarin), Marek Ludwisiak (Brighella, Pantalones Diener), Inmaculada Marín López (Colombina, Pantalones Dienerin), Jennifer Hebekerl (Corallina (Flaminias Dienerin)


DURATION 1 h | without intermission

Music from Recording


Hilarious, imaginative and evermore new escapades in mind – this is Harlequin! With his famous patchwork costume and his mysterious mask on his face he is on the move all the time, and where there’s laughter and fun, the colorful jester is around. Harlequin is not only the most funny of all characters in the theatre of all times, but he also is the most famous. For hundreds of years he was dancing and skipping on “the stage which is the world” and until the present times anybody has an idea about his unique appearance, which first and foremost expresses one particular thing: his exuberant joy of life.

He is full of surprises, and always there are new tricks on his mind, because he is a superb dancer and acrobat. With his exuberance he confuses just anything in a terrific speed. Harlequin takes his audience by storm, his brimming over with life is infectious.

With Italian charms and vivid imagination this irresistible jester comes to life again: The choreographer Giorgio Madia draws on unlimited resources to trigger off all the magic of theatre, which is connected to Harlequin and all the other lovable characters of the traditional Italian Commedia dell’arte.

The self-explanatory entertainment of dancing and the play with the traditional theatre masks have their unique fascination, impossible to withdraw the attention. HARLEKIN is a funny theatre spectacle, which couldn’t be more universal, for the whole family, for children and theatre lovers alike.





Giorgio Madia doesn’t waste any opportunity to interlace the comedy of the single situation, to cover the whole stage with sparkling life. […] A summerly cheerful, buoyantly sunny piece of blazing life has succeeded him with “Harlekin” and the proof that people at all times have the same private problems. Mozart and, with virtuoso violon solos, Paganini are pushing forward the story, as Madia tells it highly musical.

Volkmar Draeger, Lausitzer Rundschau, 11 November 2011