Choreography & Stage Direction: Giorgio Madia

Sets & Costumes: Stephan Mannteuffel

Assistant to the choreographer: Adriana Mortelliti

Dramaturg: Annegret Gertz



23. February 2017

Baltic State Opera Gdansk



Oleksandr Khudimov (Pinocchio), Filip Michalak (Geppetto), Beata Giza (The Fairy), Ronberto Tallarigo (Mangiafoco) Sayaka Haruna-Kondracka (Cat), Bartosz Kondracki (Fox), Megan Hill (The Cricket), N.N. (The Snail) Soloists and Corps de ballet of Baltic Opera Gdansk

24 dancers


Music from Recording | Duration 90 Min. | without intermission


“The adventures of Pinocchio are particularly ideal for translating this novel into a ballet: it’s a journey through life of a dynamic character in constant movement. Not to tame, he hears no advices but learns through own mistakes how to develop relations and empathy, Pinocchio is a “bad boy”, always on the run to somewhere or for somebody, but this is what makes him so appealing.

Story telling is my passion and dance is the language I use, because with it I can convey directly through visuals and emotions what words cannot express, using “theatre” as an experience of all senses. Because of his ironic mood and playful temperament I “partnered up” with the Italian film composer Nino Rota. Famous for his cooperation with Federico Fellini or Francis Ford Coppola (“The Godfather”), his music provides huge emotions as well as Italian folk and jazz influences.

Inspired by the possibilities of the Baltic Opera´s dancers I´m implementing choreographically a vocabulary based on classical ballet fusioned with contemporary and acrobatic elements, so to offer to the audience a true fast paced ballet-comedy for adults and children likewise, full of emotions and humor.” – Giorgio Madia



“Stunts, which there are performed from several dancers on a trampoline, in conjunction with a lively, varied choreography of fun, involving the entire company, give rise to great appreciation and create the most spectacular stage performance. […]

However, what surprises most, that everything is very readable, refined to the smallest detail of acting at the borderline to pantomime, performed by the whole company. Every gesture is clear and legible, each mime full of expression. This high attention to the detail as a result, means the choreography is interesting, understandable in the transmission. […]

Łukasz Rudziński, 24.02.2017 |


“Lightness, serenity and energy on stage – so in short can be summarizred the latest dance performance oft he Baltic Opera. “Pinocchio” is a performance conceived for both, children and adults. […] The culmination of the show proves to be irresistible fun.”

Aleksandra Andrearczyk, 24.02.2017 | Gazeta Wyborcza


“The spectacle of ‘Pinocchio’, the long-awaited first premiere of the ballet season in the Baltic Opera, delights with the imagination of author Giorgio Madia. Elegant in form, full of humor, danced with verve to music by Nino Rota, causes that we do not want to leave the fairytale world of the theatre. […]The game of lights by stage director and choreographer Giorgio Madia is simply inspiring and makes us believe everything.”

Anna Umiecka, 24.02.2017 |