Regie & Choreographie: Giorgio Madia

Bühne & Kostüme: Maarja Meeru

Musikalische Leitung: Paul Mägi

BESETZUNG Aleksandra Kovalevits (Carmen), Boldiszar Laszlo (Don José), Janis Apeinis (Escamillo), Diana Higbee (Micaela), Märt Jakobson (Zuniga), Karmen Puis (Mercedes), Pirjo Püvi (Frasquita), Taavi Tampuu (Moralès), Simo Breede (Dancairo), Rasmus Kull (Remendado), Jaan Willem Sibul (Lillas Pastia), Kalli Pikas (Flamenco-Solo), Aivar Kallaste (Escamillo’s assistant), Symphony Orchestra of Theatre Vanemuine, Ballet of Theatre Vanemuine, Choir and Children’s Choir of Theatre Vanemuine



22. April 2015

Theater Vanemuine, Estonia


Sensuality, passion, faith and death; the artistry of Georges Bizet’s opera CARMEN lies in the combination of most dramatic elements with breathtakingly beautiful music, full of magical moments. The archaic roots of the storyline, which anybody knows, are expressed in a very direct way, easy to understand. The spectator is invited to witness great passions of love, always carrying fearful treats of death inside, which are revealed in the most charming moments.


Whenever I’m conceiving a work for the stage, I am aiming for the dynamic fusion of music, the physical expression of the performers and the movement qualities of sets, lights and costumes to create something extraordinary , to evokes a real, poetical and sensual experience within the spectators. This Opera gives me the best opportunity to express all that!


The moods of the characters, their attitude, their joy or conflicts, also their growing or distraction, are expressed by the music. From there I take the inspiration to create a vivid sequence of images. It’s first and foremost important for me, to evoke a feeling for the spirit of an era, to unfold its unique “perfume”. But only without pointing on them, the great moments of a masterpiece will reveal their secret. Therefore dynamic is a vital part of my idea to create excitement. That is what “theatre” is all about: the magic of the moment, next second is gone already gone but something stays, something which will be very personal, which one will not forget again.


– Giorgio Madia